Fluffy and sweet vanilla filling sandwiched between crispy wafer layers and drizzled with chocolate– it’s a heavenly snack that is one of our most decadent offerings. But a protisquare is more than an indulgence – it’s a high protein power snack that will keep you feeling satisfied long after your coffee break is finished!


- Decreases hunger.
- Regulates water balance.
- Fewer plateaus.
- Regulates the body’s metabolic rate.

Snacks are a vegetable base protein which is fat free and made up of eight essential amino acids. 

May increase weight loss by 20%*


Protein Squares: Vanilla Wafers

  • Disfruta de un gran sabor mientras pierdes peso !

    - Quita el hambre.
    - Regula el balance de fluidos en el cuerpo.
    - Reduce el rieso de “estancamiento”
    - Regula el metabolismo.
    - Hechos de proteinas vegetales libres de grasas y con amino acidos esenciales para el cuerpo
    - Puede incrementar la perdida de peso en un 20%*