Sweet and salty, crunchy and chewy –expect unexpected combinations of taste and texture from this unique bar! Its surprising taste might make you think you’re eating candy, but this little gluten free bar packs a nutritional punch. Along with unforgettable taste, it also delivers 8g of fibre and 15g of protein to keep you feeling nourished longer.


- Decreases hunger.
- Regulates water balance.
- Fewer plateaus.
- Regulates the body’s metabolic rate.

Snacks are a vegetable base protein which is fat free and made up of eight essential amino acids. 

May increase weight loss by 20%*


Protein Bars: Salted Pretzel

  • Disfruta de un gran sabor mientras pierdes peso !

    - Quita el hambre.
    - Regula el balance de fluidos en el cuerpo.
    - Reduce el rieso de “estancamiento”
    - Regula el metabolismo.
    - Hechos de proteinas vegetales libres de grasas y con amino acidos esenciales para el cuerpo
    - Puede incrementar la perdida de peso en un 20%*