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COLLAGEN O is a unique formulation for skin and joint health. Collagen with hyaluronic acid and co-factors supports healthy collagen production and skin elasticity, as well as hydration.Hydrolyzed collagen peptides (from bovine) provide a source of essential and non-essential amino acids involved in collagen formation within the skin's dermis layer. Vitamin and mineral co-factors including vitamin C help with connective tissue formation, while copper and zinc help link collagen threads together.This powdered formula is specially designed to dissolve clear and flavorless in liquid.‡


This product mixes best by adding powder to cold or warm water and shaking well. Can also be added to yogurt or smoothies. Please note that humidity and moisture may compromise the product's ability to dissolve.


Collagen O (Skin & Joint Support)

SKU: 0701025
  • Creado con los ingredientes de mejor calidad PROBIOTIC O ayuda a:


    - El tratamiento de la diabetes.
    - Salud digestiva.
    - El higado graso.
    - Bajar la presion arterial.

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